Pensii noi pentru batrâna Europa

Moderator: Daniela GHETU, Redactor-Sef, Revista de Asigurari PRIMM

- "Reform of the pension system in Romania: implementation of Pillars II and III"
Ion GIURESCU, President / Petre CIOTLOS, General Secretary, The National House of Pensions and Other Social Insurance Rights (CNPAS)

- "Occupational pension funds: advantages for the employer and for the employee"
Camelia TOMA, Councilor of The Minister, The Romanian Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family (MMSSF)

- "The Swiss pension fund market compared to the Romanian pension fund market"
CURA Business Solutions (Switzerland)

FIAR 2004 - 7th Edition

  • Limba: flag FIAR 2004 - 7th Edition
  • Locatie: Sinaia, Romania
  • Organizator: Media XPRIMM
  • Data: 23-05-2004


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