Tehnologia informatiei si asigurarile

Moderator: Mihai CRACIUN, Director Executiv, FATHERBOARD Systems

- "Harta aplicatiilor ORACLE pentru industria de asigurari"
Robert KOMARTIN, Senior Sales Consultant, ORACLE

- "MICROSOFT vision regarding the Insurance business challenge"
Dennis VANDERLIP, Financial Services Industry Manager Eastern Europe, MICROSOFT

- "Costul riscului asigurat. Outsourcing pentru societati de asigurari"
Constantin ARSENE, Director General, PRODINF

- "Business enabling/development through usage of smart IT-solution packages"
Mag. Christoph OSSBERGER, CEO, FirstInEx (Austria)

FIAR 2004 - 7th Edition

  • Limba: flag FIAR 2004 - 7th Edition
  • Locatie: Sinaia, Romania
  • Organizator: Media XPRIMM
  • Data: 23-05-2004


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